Springdale Community Yard Sale

Our 1st Yard Sale was a HUGE success! Please stay tuned for our next yard sale dates TBA! Who can participate? Everyone is welcome to participate! Calling all friends, families, church groups, girls scouts, community organizations, and businesses – we have room for over 50 participants to set up and sell their “good old stuff”! For only $20 you can join us to sell anything you’d like! It’s time to clear out your garages, spare bedrooms, closet floors, craft supplies and storage containers to make a few [hundred] bucks! We’re even open to hosting handmade items and baked goods. Where is this going to be?  We are taking over the XL parking lot at the First United Methodist Church on the corner of Johnson Avenue and Shiloh Street in downtown Springdale! 126 N. Shiloh Street Springdale, AR  72764 Why would I join a Community Yard Sale and not just do one myself? There’s power in numbers! You know that terrible feeling when you see someone pulling up to your yard sale only to just look out their car window and continue driving by because they didn’t like what they saw? We’re here to beat that! When you put 50+ people and their “good old stuff” in one giant parking lot with a food truck and upbeat music, we believe we can attract a lot of people! We plan to advertise this event widely across social media, community calendars and radio stations. We even have posters printed to distribute all over town! Let us know if you’d like to hang a poster somewhere: [email protected] What is Team Springdale going to do with the money that is raised? We’re SO GLAD you asked! Every single penny that is raised from participant fees from the Community Yard Sale will go right back into Springdale! We have some exciting plans in the works to bring another Springdale Art Initiative project to life in downtown. We are working on the details and hope to make a big announcement soon! Just by simply participating in the yard sale you are helping your community become a more exciting and vibrant place to live and visit! Want to participate? This event is first-come, first-serve. Once our parking lot is full of vendors we will close applications. Apply today by filling out the simple form below to reserve your spot! How big are the spots and will there be … Continue reading Springdale Community Yard Sale