Team Springdale began in the Spring of 2014 as a project by Amber and Jonathan Perrodin to simply highlight our beloved hometown of Springdale, Arkansas. 

What began as an anonymous instagram account turned into a revolution for our small town of Springdale, Arkansas. Originally Team Springdale began on instagram (@teamspringdale) to highlight the city and it’s locals. But within three short days of starting our anonymous account, KNWA contacted us to feature our movement and shortly thereafter our efforts in saving the Apollo Theater downtown were celebrated, too. The cat was out of the bag and Team Springdale quickly blossomed into an amazing source for all things Springdale and a place for citizens to connect through the popular hashtag #teamspringdale with over 13,000 shared photos.

We live work and play in downtown Springdale as well as run Perrodin Supply Co. and The Little Craft Show from there, too. We walk the streets of our beloved city every day just like many of you. It’s our playground and our backyard. We chose to raise our children, Raine and Ezmah, here as 5th generation Springdale natives.

We are not affiliated with any city offices or have an agenda outside of promoting our hometown. We hope you enjoy what we’re working towards and consider joining the Team. Simply tag #teamspringdale on instagram, twitter, or facebook to get involved. It’s genuinely that easy. Together we can keep this movement alive and slowly begin to change the face of our town.

“Team work makes the dream work!”