The Quilt Square Project
Quilt Installed on the Shiloh Meeting Hall grounds off of Hunstville Ave. in downtown Springdale, Arkansas, pictured here with Olivia Trimble.


The Quilt Square Project began in the spring of 2015 as a partnership between the Springdale Art Initiative, The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, and local sign painter, Olivia Trimble of Sleet City Signwriting.

What is the Quilt Square Project?

What began as small quilt paintings by Olivia Trimble for her friends and family has turned into a large scale public art project. The concept is simple, we research and find traditional, Ozark quilt patterns, add a contemporary color palette, make it an extra large 8-foot by 8-foot square, and then install it in a public space. A quilt symbolizes hard work and comfort, they are easy to recognize and most people can connect with them no matter what their background might be. A quilt takes time, it’s a labor of love and that’s precisely what this project is for us.  

The Quilt Square Project, Quilt no. 1
Quilt painting on display at Perrodin Supply Co. in downtown Springdale, Arkansas


About the Artist

Olivia Trimble is a second generation, traditional sign painter with a passion to revive traditional sign painting in Northwest Arkansas. She’s had the privilege of working with some incredible clients over the past 5 years such as Onyx Coffee Labs, Shindig Paperie, Ozark Beer Co. and so many others. When she’s not painting signs, she is the Community Development Coordinator for The Little Craft Show, a juried, indie craft show that takes place twice a year in Northwest Arkansas. 

Olivia Trimble